Water’s Edge by Jane Riddell

Water's Edge


Title: Water’s Edge
Author: Jane Riddell
Kindle Edition
Released: April 22nd 2013
Published: ThornBerry Publishing
ISBN: 9781909734
Edition Language: English


When Madalena invites her four children to Switzerland for a family gathering, she isn’t prepared for the excess baggage of their lives they bring along – secrets they are compelled to keep and those that must be divulged; the compromises they make, and, ultimately, what can and can’t be resolved – for Madalena, too, has things about her past that she would prefer not to reveal.

Set against a backdrop of mountains and lakes, Water’s Edge is a tapestry of love, lies and family.

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What can I say about Water’s Edge. This was a really well developed and well crafted story. Not my typical genre, and I did think at first that I was going to be bore out of my mind, but Jane Riddle is an amazing writer. She really has, what I call, a perfect writing style so many of our authors want. Her descriptions through out the story is done really good. Her character development and story placement is done absolutely done beautiful.

It follows Madalena, she has four children and a reunion coming up in Switzerland. Jane does give you an insight to all of the characters and she really does them well. She never falters from their point of view. You somehow relate to all of her characters. This was definitely ROARSOME!

Fotor5 star

Jane, I wish you all the best with Water’s Edge.

Kind Wishes,

Adrienne Woods


2 thoughts on “Water’s Edge by Jane Riddell

  1. Thank you, Adrienne. I am so pleased you enjoyed Water’s Edge, and that you have written a review of it. Please would you post your review, both on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk – this would be great.

    Thanks again.

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