This is mainly created for authors with debut novels. Established authors that wants to get more publicity are also welcome to use this. My services are free and will review each week a book.
I will post the review first and the post after the review will be featuring the author. Where you can find their books and how to reach them.
As a newly author myself, I thought I might try my best to help out other newbie authors who does marketing themselves.
Nobody likes marketing and think this is an awesome way to get some awesome books out there.
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Happy reading and for those who write a novel or thinking about writing a novel, happy writing.

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Happy release day Moonbeam

moonbeam-thundercloud-bannerSo today I’m super excited to release my 9th novel, called Moonbeam.

It’s an alternative tale to the Dragonian Series. I always wondered what Elena’s life would be, what type of a person would she be if her mother was present in her life, and growing up with the Rubicon.

It plays a huge part in the Dragonian Series, what if, and through out Elena always wondered what her life would be like. I know the actual series would not exist but I still had this yurning ache inside of me to write the story. So, I give you Moonbeam, the tale of an extra ordinary girl, and her dragon, and how different their lives would’ve been if they grew up together, if there weren’t around every corner death threats and darkness that tried to keep them apart. Sure the novel has it’s ups and downs too, but it’s a completely different story, one that I am so in love with myself.

I hope you are all going to love this one as much as I treasure it.

Moonbeam is available on all the online stores. Go grab your copy right now.



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