How long should I wait to have Sex by Monique Sorgen



Title: How long should I wait to have Sex
Author: Monique Sorgen
Pages: 208 pages
Published April 12th 2013 by Monique Sorgen
Edition language: English


Samantha Harper has just turned 30 and she is ready to meet the man of her dreams, so she does. Samantha pretty much always accomplishes what she sets out to do. There’s only one problem, after she has sex with him on the first night they meet, he never calls her.

Not used to failure, Samantha is furious at herself! She wishes she could just take it back. She wishes she had never had sex with him!… And to her surprise, her wish comes true. She gets not one, but several more chances to go back in time and figure out just how long she has to wait to have sex, in order to get her dream guy to fall for her.

Determined not to mess this up, Samantha finally gets her answer to the age old dilemma of How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex.

Monique Sorgen

About the Author:

Monique Sorgen was born and raised in San Francisco, spending summers and winter holidays in Paris, with her mom’s side of the family. Sorgen is half-French. She wrote her first chapter of a book in 5th Grade, based on the adventures, drama, and goings-on of her classmates at her French-American grade school. She sent her writings to Judy Blume, and in return became the proud recipient of a printed form letter and autographed picture, thanking her for being a fan.
Sorgen moved to Los Angeles, shortly before her 18th birthday, to attend UCLA’s school of Theater, Film, and Television, where she studied directing for theater and film. Her directing pursuits lead her to writing screenplays, that she hoped to direct. Her screenplays lead to jobs writing for television, and later lead to jobs writing movies which have yet to be made. Her desire to share her stories without having to wait for a studio’s “green light” lead her to writing novels. The use of the plural in the word “novels” is slightly exaggerated, since this is her first one. Or maybe it’s premonitory, since she plans to write more.
Her debut novel, “How Long You Should Wait to Have Sex”, is based on Sorgen’s true mind-wonderings about how great it would be to get a do-over when a seemingly perfect guy disappears after sex.
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What can I say about ‘How long we should I wait to have sex’, that the book doesn’t say.
I think Monique Sorgen took a really good look at this, and created a fun, entertaining way to answer that question. What I love about this book as that our heroine, Samantha Harper, isn’t one at all. She is falling and tripping over problems, most of our women faces in our lives, and she keeps making the wrong choice, until she got granted a wish that undid one of her problems. Wish we all had those.

I liked this story, and however some people would not like the Samantha, I think she is real, and very well developed. Not all characters can be smart and always making the right choices. Most of us are like this lady that makes the wrong decisions, that trips, that falls and wish they can just go back and undo the past.

It’s an easy well written book to read, and this is for everyone.
I’m giving ‘How long should I wait to have sex’ a four.
It is a topic most of us wanted answered and I think Monique has done a great job with this.

Good luck with your novel, Monique and I wish you all the best with it.

Kind Wishes,

Adrienne Woods


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