She Does Not Fear The Snow by Bobbie Anne Cole

She does not fear the snow


Title: She Does Not Fear The Snow
Author: Bobby Anne Cole
Genre: Memoir
Paperback: 298 pages
Published: April 8th 2013 by
ISBN: 0991760425 (ISBN13: 9780991760428)
Edition language:English
Setting: Israel, England and Atlantic Canada, 2007-8
Literary awards: A Munce 2012 Winner (2012)

Bobbie Ann Cole’s inspirational memoir charts her personal journey to faith and redemption. Broken by cancer and the failure of her marriage, she visits Israel, seeking direction and new meaning for her life. She has a profound spiritual experience in a Jerusalem church, where, as a Jew, she’s not supposed to be. Her experience there marks the start of a chain of supernatural events, through which God reveals His purposes to her. This transformational story of love, set on three continents, echoes that of biblical Ruth, who accepts faith in the Land of Israel and receives God’s blessing in the shape of a new husband of faith, a Canadian.
Filled with humor, warmth and love, She Does Not Fear the Snow is the promise of love after a battle with cancer and the sting of divorce. Bobbie Ann Cole has written an honest, touching memoir which permits the reader to accompany her through a time of healing, self-discovery and faith. Bobbie’s transparency makes it hard to put down. A great read for those healing from their own journey. You will find encouragement here.’ Kim de Blecourt, Author of Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom (FaithWords, November, 2012) ‘This book will inspire you to look for God’s voice in everyday events of life. It will cause you to reflect on past experiences and see how God’s hand led you in the right path. It’s a beautiful story full of romance, forgiveness and coming to faith.’ Evangeline Inman, Author of The Divine Heartmender and Extreme Worship for Songwriters ‘Bobbie’s story greatly encourages us that life is not to be lived or viewed through the lens of chance. Open your heart as you read, and embrace the personal truth that God in His providence will direct our steps and bring us to our destiny.’ Pastor Wayne Flowers, Smythe Street Cathedral, Fredericton, NB, Canada.
Bobby Ann Cole
About the Author

Bobbie Ann Cole is passionate about testimony. Testifying to what God is doing in our lives is central to her writing and to her teaching.
The Encounters with Jesus Write Your Testimony Workbook and Course are available through her blog and in churches.
Bobbie has been a writer since age 6, writing her own version of Hansel and Gretel on the back of her school report: it didn’t go cwit the way they had inspected. The birds et all the crums up…
She has trained in creative writing at post-graduate level and holds a qualification in teaching adults. Her short stories have been published and she has received grants and awards for her prose and drama.
Her background is in journalism. She wrote, edited and produced the magazine ‘Invest in France’ for the French Government. She is also a businesswoman, having launched and run her own company in the UK music industry.
Bobbie loves travel and languages. She has lived in UK, Germany, France, French West Africa, Canada and Israel. She speaks English, French and German fluently and has a working knowledge of Hebrew.
She’s a mother, grandmother and wife. She and her Boaz currently divide their time between Atlantic Canada and Kent in the Garden of England.



I’m going to start to say that I am not a huge fan of memoirs. I don’t have a niche to read them and most of the times the bore me to death. But I can see why Bobbie won a literary award for She Does Not Fear The Snow.
It was a warm felt spiritual book about Bobbie’s encounters in Jerusalem. Being an Christian myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her experience how God spoke to her. This book has a strong message of hope and forgiveness. I see Bobby through another light now and I adore and look up to women who is strong enough to share with the people their encounters with God. This is a book for all who has been to Jerusalem, who wants to go there, and who wants to see God working through difficult situations and how He draws us closer to him using those situations.
What I didn’t like about this book. It’s very slow paced and there were times that I wanted to put it down, but I just had to know this story. So I pushed through and I’m glad that I did.
I give She Does not Fear THE Snow a four. It was a brilliant story but the slow pacing was a bit too much.
Good luck with everything in your life Bobby,
Kind Wishes,
Adrienne Woods

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