Chimera and Devil’s Doorway by Lea Cherry

Have you wondered, as the time ticked down and a new year was announced “What am I going to do now?”

Well I decided, why not celebrate with two great releases that will surely have you on your toes!

Camping in a haunted forest on Halloween sounded like a great idea until Raven’s friends start disappearing one by one, kidnapped by a creature who won’t stop until they’re all gone.
A snippet from the book
“Chad! What happened? Where the fuck is my brother?” she yelled, stepping closer to Chad. The fear and sadness clouded his eyes as he took another swig of the bottle.

***“There, hiding in the tree line, watching us like a leopard getting ready to pounce was a creature I had never seen before. Hell, I didn’t even think such things existed until now. It was humanoid in its built but the movements it made was too animalistic to be anything like us. It was white-ish gray in shade. Arms and legs elongated to be confused with a stilt walker. But the creepiest part wasn’t how it looked, or its movements, no. It was the eyes. They were black as night. Soulless and hollow, but almost looking straight into your every being. Like it knew your deepest, darkest fears and shoving it back into your face like a memory.”
Devil’s Doorway
Taylor thought that returning home would be the start of a new life…
That was until she starts experiencing things that should not be normal.

Things that should not exist.

Things that are not of this world.

Her experiences lead her to wonder if moving back was the right choice and if she can uncover the secrets that lurk inside the house before she is claimed through…

The Devil’s Doorway.
Lea Cherry can be seen as a dual identity of her true form Leandri Geldenhuys. Even though Lea Cherry is an alter ego, she still managed to write her novel The Rose of Cavendish, which was published in 2011, and presented in 2012 to Hollywood Producers in the Author Solutions Book-to-screen Pitchfest. She also Co-authored “The Journal of Blake Leaf” with fellow author Adrienne Woods which was the poetry journal to accompany The Dragonian Series. She has a few series lined up to write and publish, but that has to take a back seat when she’s working full time as a Designer, Mom, Wife and studying for a degree in Language and Literature. When Lea is not writing or working full time, she enjoys listening to music such as Rock and Alternative, while she paints and does drawings. Lea believes that the written word can heal and help and encourages people to follows their dreams and lends an ear to those that want to pursue writing. Other personalities also include Leandri Geldenhuys (Lumin Finds the Lighthouse – Mom’s Choice Award Winner)

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