The AL-EX Project Testing by C.M. Donaldson


Kindle Edition, Second: 192 pages
Published: March 24th 2013 by
ISBN: 1291346821 (ISBN13: 9781291346824)
edition language: English

Described as science fiction in its lightest form, what if there was a means to fully understand your dreams? And what if you could re-enter your dreams at will? How about if you could manipulate them?

Alex, the main character in this story, has suffered nightmares all his life, ever since he lost his parents at the tender age of 11. Now an adult, and married to Kayj, his university sweetheart, still puzzled by his dreams and night-terror experiences, along with his mentor, (George, affectionately dubbed The Scientist) they have discovered a way to travel through dreams, believing that answers can be found in the dream state.

Not only that but with advanced technology they are able to record and playback the dreams, enabling more accurate interpretation.

Exploration into Alex’s dreams and repeated encounters with unusual characters spur this team to push the boundaries, trespass in an unknown realm and meddle with things they know nothing about indulging in unethical practices – all in the name of science

Desperate to explore this other realm, is Alex exposing himself to something deep, dark and dangerous?


I don’t know if Science fiction is the right word to describe this. It’s definitely science, being the scientist that helps him but I think it will fall better under something like fantasy, because after all dreams are fantasy like, most of the time. Whatever category this falls, it should be at the top. It was something completely different than what I thought it would be. What I love about this book is that the author draws you in immediately. It’s a topic everyone can relate too, and I’m sure a couple of scientist had tried study dreams and finding a cure to Night terrors.

I’m probably going to use ‘this was amazing’ a couple times, so forgive me for it. I was just blown away by this author. You can see a lot of research were done, because it sound so realistic that you forget that you are reading a fiction.

I’m scared spoiling the book and I will keep it to a limit. I’m not being funny, but it’s a book that you just have to add on your to read pile.

C. M. Donaldson has an amazing writing style and like I said, the characters are so well developed. This author just catches everything in detail. I have to admit, the scientific part of it, was a bit much, but it wasn’t necessary. C.M. Donaldson chose the plots and things well. I love, love, love the ending, and for this first time in a long time, I didn’t expected that.

This truly is an amazing read and I’m giving C.M. Donaldson a huge ten. Five is not near enough.

If any of you ever wondered about dreams and how the mind works, especially why we sometime dream the crap we do dream, then this is a fiction for you.

Wow, great read.

I wish you all the luck with this one, and email me when they going to turn it into a movie.

Kind wishes,

Adrienne Woods