I’m back, sort of….


Yes, my first blog post after more than two years is giving you this. I’m super excited to let you know that the BEAM Series are getting their very own audios.

If you haven’t discovered yet, The Dragonian Series are all in audio available at most of the online stores and through Tantor Media. It was narrated by the lovely Erin Moon and she did an amazing job.

For Darkbeam Part I we are going to team up with Narrator C.J. McAllister who will be giving voice to Blake and all the other characters in DARKBEAM PART I. SUPER EXCITED!!!! CAN YOU TELL.

The second part will be narrated the minute DARKBEAM PART II is going to be launched in November of this year. It’s currently on pre-order at B&N, iTunes, and Kobo and will hit pre-order button on Amazon in SEPTEMBER soon.


With C.J you can. He has a patreon project where you can actually see live feeds of him narrating all the audios he is doing, and will be narrating Darbeam too. So join him in his studio for a well learning narration experience.

I have signed up and will be checking out how he does this. Come and join me and let the fun begin.

His link to Patreon. Logan McAllister on Patreon


Well I’ve brought out my third pen name. I’m getting way too many now, my poor husband. Hahahaha.
But yes, Kristin Ping was launched this year and SHE IS ALREADY A USA TODAY BEST SELLER. Damn cow!

If you like to find out more about Kristin Ping’s novels visit KRISTIN PING’S WEBSITE

I’m also going to start a podcast soon and launch my Youtube channel called SPLIT. Because I’m the author with way too many pen names.  I’m going to try and do a podcast once every two weeks as I’m still at the very beginning stages of learning how to create awesome podcasts that is going to revolve around handling pen names, all my novels, everything I know about the publishing world and get really awesome authors, narrators, marketing guru’s to come join me for interviews that can help someone that is struggling. Not that there are amazing ones out there already. Basically, I’m just going to have loads of fun with it, speak about all the things I like, which is usually revolving about what I do. Maybe I’ll have an interview with the amazing Joemel Requeza. Yip, would definitely do that.

So be on the look out for the next blog post that will carry all the details about my channel and how you can join me.

Till next time.
I promise, I won’t be a stranger.



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