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Hi everyone, haven’t posted anything about this series in a long time. Okay, really, really good news. Moonbreeze release date has been moved forward to October 2015, 20th. I am so so so excited and can’t wait to see and hear what you all think about it.

I have some really good things to share with you overall. I have a website, for those of you that didn’t know, it’s and I recently started with a newsletter which goes out once a week, on Fridays. I did the first part of Moonbreeze and it was a huge success, the feedback I got was just so amazing.

You can sign up for this newsletter, via my website.

We are going to start doing the Paegeian times which is going to be so much fun. I even have fans that is going to write the news articles. That newsletter will goes out once a week too via the Newsletter, so don’t go and miss out. It’s a great way to pain the history of Paegeia better


Then I’m going to do a very special edition, the picture above will give you some sort of inkling what it’s going to look like, I can’t wait. It will only be available through my publisher and myself, it’s for my signed copies. Yes we are going to do sign copies of the Dragonian series soon, right after Starlight’s release which is early 2016. Moonbreeze isn’t the finale, Starlight will be as the novel just got too big and I had to split it up in two. So after Starlight, the special edition covers will be available for purchase, but only through Fire Quill Publishing and myself. They will come with a small surprise and they will be signed and beautiful contained in a box.

We are also going to do all of Blake’s poems, as you know he is a poet, in a beautiful print edition/journal what you can use as your own diary type of thing. The amazing part about his poetry journal, is that we are going to have a collectors item. 15 journals that will be sold via my website.

Journal one

Which will probably have this effect, with small sketches of what he sees, done by Joemel, and poems written inside these pages done by the woman that is going to write most of these poems. We are all really looking forward to this new project, which will only come after Starlight, as there is so many things involved with this project that it can’t be delivered in only a few months.

So many things still to come for this series, and so excited that Moonbreeze will be for sale everywhere on 20th of October. It’s just two more weeks. Eeeeeek!



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