Review for Flither Lass by Graham Higson

Title: Flither Lass
Author: Graham Higson
Paperback / eBook, 302 pages
Published March 2014 by CreateSpace / Pin Publishing
ISBN 1495467678 (ISBN13: 9781495467677)

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In a small Yorkshire coastal fishing village, young Amy Trott, ignored or derided by most of the villagers, is devoted to her father. One stormy day, Amy’s life is torn apart when her beloved father is lost at sea. In her denial of events, she searches the sea and shore, convinced that he will return, but instead of her father she finds another refugee from the sea, on who she focuses all of her attentions. The trouble is, it is 1915 and the refugee is German …

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I am going to begin with the things I do not love. I don’t love anything World war related, I don’t love historical fictions and I don’t love it when children get’s abused in all forms.

However I did love everything Flither Lass had to offer. It had all the above that I didn’t love and I loved this novel. It follows Sixteen year Amy Trott and is set in 1915 World war I. She lives in a small fisherman village and her father, like with all daughters, is her entire world, where her mother is the evil one that abuses her.

Amy’s entire world is turned around when her father got lost at sea. Then she rescues a German soldier and hide him from everyone while she nurses him back to health.

This story toys with ones emotions, you laugh, you cry, you really feel compassion and Graham Higson has done it again. I read Oak Seer and fell in love with his writing, so without thinking about looking at what his second novel was about, I obviously wanted to read another of his stories and grab the opportunity.

All I can say is that you will fall in love with Graham’s writing, the way he describe things and the way his words speak into your soul and stay with you. His stories are beautiful written and you would really miss out on something truly amazing if you don’t get a copy of his work, especially Flither Lass soon.

Thank you for letting me review your work, Graham, and again, well done.

Kind Wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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