Bewitching Book tours Presents: Blitz day release for Visionary Untamed by N. Dunham

Untamed Banner 450 x 169

Visionary Untamed
Visionary Trilogy
Book 2
N. Dunham
Genre: young adult fantasy
ISBN: 10: 1494978342
ISBN:13: 978-1494978341
Number of pages: 392
Amazon Paperback   Amazon Kindle

Book Description:

Aislinn and Sebastian, along with Mya and Caleb, set off to the Amazon Rainforest in search of the legendary visionary guru. When Aislinn and Caleb become separated from the group, they must adapt to the extreme conditions of the rainforest. Fending off exotic animals, building shelter, and finding food become necessities in this mysterious world.

During their separation, Sebastian and Mya are captured and must find a way to escape being sacrificed by the Rebel Leaders. Luckily, Aislinn and Caleb come to their rescue only to come face to face with an uprising.
As Aislinn learns more about her spirit animal, the red-tailed hawk, she discovers that she holds the keys to her memories and that her memories hold the keys to her purpose.

About the Author:
N. Dunham is the author of the Visionary Trilogy~A young adult fantasy series that incorporates psychic phenomena & spirit animals!


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