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Severed Colours

Title: Severed Colours (#2)
Author: Dawna Raver
Series: Colour Wielders Book #2
Genre: New Adult Romantic Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov 16 2013
Edition/Format Available In: eBook

The epic continues…

Quinn Sinclair trusted Arik Morgaine until he betrayed her. Scared and alone, she finds herself delivered into the hands of the evil Morgana le Fay. When Quinn discovers Morgana’s plans are beyond demented and seriously depraved—making life with the Changeling seem like a day at the beach—she wonders if death is a better option?

Arik Morgaine vowed he’d save Quinn no matter the price. When his well thought out plans go terribly awry, a desperate and heartbroken Arik is forced to beg the cruel Triarchia for help. Unwilling to go on without his Älskling, he answers a question that irrevocably alters their lives.

Can Arik and Quinn find a way back to each other, or will the price of saving her rip them apart forever?

New Adult Recommended for 18 and above. Mature themes, sexual situations, and profanity.

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Everyone that knows me know I’m a sucker for Fantasy, especially when they are about Fae and has magic with a bit of Arthurian in them.

Colour Wielders is the first novel in this series and one you should read as the story of Quinn and Arik starts. Quinn found out on her eighteenth birthday that she is actually a princess, and not just any princess, one of a magical kingdom. Now everyone from her kingdom wants her for her abilities, accept for Arik, my hero. Their relationship is instant and one I have to say, I don’t like very much, but for some reason it worked in this story.
The plot thickens and the two have to race against time to save the world. It was a really entertaining read and I have to give it to MS. Craver. She really did an amazing job with woven this tale into something entertaining and quite brilliant.

Severed Colours is her second part. This one was really emotional as you feel what the characters feel, especially Arik. Quinn felt betrayed by him and I do understand why she acted with the way she did, but knowing Arik, it was annoying at times. I love Arik in this one. He was so much more hotter and crept into my soul. The way he fought to get Quinn back, and everything that went with it was just so….ahhhh.
This book however, I feel was better, much better than the first one. I really love all the sex, lies, fights, magic…urgh…everything was just amazing.

For those of you that doesn’t know this series, please go and buy them. They are absolutely worth the read.

I got both copies from the author for an honest review and hers are worth every penny.

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RBTL Reviews Presents: Cover reveal for

Title: Journey of the Princess of Ice

Author: LaVerne Thompson

Series: The Elementals

Genre: New Adult/ Fantasy/ Graphic Novel

Publisher: Isisindc Publishing, LLC

Release Date: TBA


What happens when fire meets ice?

Ice had traveled the realms for centuries searching for the ice elementals, others of her kind but she was alone always alone. Never staying one place for long because sooner or later her mere presence caused the temperature of the land to drop to a killing freeze. Until she found the one place her powers had no effect. And perhaps the one being who could counter her freeze.

Running from a destiny not of his own choosing, Arch finally found the one person who could make him stop running. But Ice must never learn the truth. A fire demon destroyed her world and he was his father’s son.

Author Information


LaVerne Thompson is the mother of two college age kids, so weird to read that. A wife, a former intellectual property attorney, a multi-published best-selling author of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances and avid reader of same. She also writes romantic suspense and new adult contemporary under Ursula Sinclair.


Her stories are available from Amazon, All Romance E-books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords as well as her publishers. Visit her at http://lavernethompson.com to learn more.

Kind Wishes,

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