RBTL PRESENTS: The Rose of Cavendish by Lea Cherry: Guestpost and giveaway

Title: The Rose of Cavendish

Author: Lea Cherry

Series: Cavendish Series

Genre: YA / Fantasy

Publisher: Xlibris

Release Date: Oct 26 2011

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print


Anna-Belle, the Princess of Fae’s life was put into danger by the Empress’ right hand man so she escaped the hold the guards and the palace had on her to save her life. That was when she came across Landon, who helped her escape and taught her a few things. She also met Keira, the shadow that Landon couldn’t get rid of, who had an instant dislike in Anna-Belle but tagged along when they fell off a cliff into the Elven Kingdom.

In the Elven Kingdom, Anna-Belle met Aranhil, the prince of elves and also her love interest in the story. It was there that she and her friends learned about a prophecy that Anna-Belle is the Chosen One and the only one who could find the Enchantress, who is needed to stop the darkness that is threatening her world. The only way to find the Enchantress was to travel towards the darkness to find an enchanted rose that can grant any wish that is pure of heart.

On this journey, Anna-Belle learns to harness her powers, finds an unlikely friendship and starts to fall in love. But it is also on this journey that the darkness threatens to unfold everything they have worked for. Anna-Belle gains strength, courage and friends, but loses a lot more when she finds The Rose of Cavendish.

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Born and raised in South Africa, Lea lived a fantasy life. She studied interior design after school but dreamt that there was more that she could do. After being given an idea and challenged to write, she set off writing her first novel. She continues to write when she has a chance and when she’s not writing or playing wife and mother, she enjoys painting and drawing and dreams up more stories to write. Her first novel is The Rose of Cavendish, book 1 in the Cavendish series, but assures that there are many more to come.

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Tell us what it is like being a writer……


To me being a writer is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in the way that you can spend hours a day in a world you created where everyone knows who you are and love you for being you. You spend your days with characters that form part of you while you learn from them and in turn learn from yourself as well. When the stories are done and dusted, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment not only because you finished a book, but because of how far your characters have come since the start. You find new friends in fellow writers and they understand you when you babble on about a book and how it makes you feel and they don’t think you’re crazy. The curse part is a good thing in a way but also bad. You have to choose and divide your time accordingly, and someone will always suffer because of it, either your family will get little of you or you will neglect your work. Another thing is to find the time to write and to choose which book to write at that moment. Which world you would like to live in now? As a writer, you have a zillion and one ideas but only one computer and one mind to write, which drives you borderline crazy as all the conversations from every story and every character occurs simultaneously in your head. Also, no one really understands you when you get hyped up about a new idea for a story or a scene, and most of the time your fellow writers will be super busy with their own worlds that you can’t always trouble them for an ear, so you’ll have to settle for someone who stares at you thinking ‘how the hell do you come up with this crap?’ or better yet ‘I think you’ve lost your mind.’

Even though being a writer is hard work, it is worth all the headaches and squint eyes caused from staring at your screen all day. When you get to hold that published book in your hand. Feeling the texture of the pages, getting that ‘new book’ smell and having that swell of pride within, thinking “I did that”

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I wish you all the best Lea with the tour.

Kind Wishes,

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