Shadows of the Past by Carmen Stefanescu

Shadows of the Past

When Anne and Neil leave on a one-week holiday hoping to reconcile after a two-year separation, little do they know that destiny has other plans for them. Their discovery of human bones and a bejeweled cross in the hollow of a tree open the door to the supernatural realm and the anguished life of Genevieve, a nun from medieval England.

Can Anne save her relationship and help Genevieve her eternal rest?

The twists and turns in this paranormal tale keep the reader guessing up to the end and weave themselves together into a quest to rekindle love.

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I was given this novel by the author in turn of my honest opinion.

I really loved this. Although I’m not a historical fan, this one really kept me glued to the pages. Carmen has a beautiful writing style and a real gift for story telling.

Her characters were so well developed that I lost myself in this story.
It follows Anne, trying to connect with Neil, her husband. They went on a camping trip in a forest you would never find me go camping in.

Carmen did the description of these places so well that cold shudders ran up my spines more than once..
Strange things started to happen, one where she discovered human bones with one of those fancy crosses, and that is how the story of Genevieve and Andrew comes to live.

Two characters who couldn’t love one another because of their devotion to God, one a nun, the other a priest. Carmen really outdone her self, as it’s not easy to create that ever lasting love in a novel. You, as a reader feel for these two characters.

But there are also another entity in the forest and somehow started making Anne’s life disturbing but her presence in the novel made you as a reader to want to turn that page.

I really really loved this and I recommend this to everyone that likes historical fiction, romance and mystery.

I gave Carmen a full five stars, although it deserves much much more.

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