Justice for all Time: a time travel romance by Kit Cole

Justice for all Time by Kit Cole

Title: Justice for All Time: A Time Travel Romance
Author: Kit Cole
Kindle Edition, 277 pages
Published August 27th 2013 by Kit Cole Books

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Special Agent Cassie Becker has taken on every kind of situation you could think of in her decade with the FBI, but waking up in a Sacramento desert 150 years in the past is a whole new one. Gunless, badgeless and displaced in time, she has to use her considerable wits to fly under the radar of an over-inquisitive Sheriff, while solving the mystery of how she got there so that she can close the case and get home.

Sheriff Brendan Taylor knows there is something odd about the beautiful woman who blows into town guns blazing, and it isn’t just that she’s got amnesia. She’s smart, ballsy and completely crazy, and damned if she doesn’t show up at every one of his crime scenes armed and ready.

But she’s not the only time traveller in 1853, and if the Agent and the Sheriff can’t find a way to see past their differences and attractions, neither of them will get justice – in any time.

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I got his novel from the author for my honest opinion.

I’m not a fan of westerns but I got to admit, this was a really well written novel I enjoyed.

It starts off present time where Cassie is an FBI agent. Then she found a cave who is a porthole to the 1800.

She witness an attack saving a deputy’s life and that’s how her new life begin. It comes with all strange and funny experiences as the 1800 don’t have woman wearing slacks or being members of the force. There is no FBI and some even think she’s metal because of her accent.

There is also two officers, one a captain the other a sheriff, who battle for her affection.

I really loved all the characters, even the time period and think this novel was really entertaining.

I would recommend this to everyone.

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