Making Connections Presents Fix by Force By Jason Warne

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fixed by force

Title: Fix by Force
Author: Jason Warne
Paperback, 188 pages
Published March 28th 2012 by Westbow Press
ISBN: 1449739385 (ISBN13: 9781449739386)
edition language:  English



Spencer doesn’t have a choice.He can’t choose to be different than what he is–the son of the town’s worst enemy, the weakling who can’t stand up for himself, the loser without friends.He can’t change the way things are.Or maybe he can.Immediate confidence.Rapid change.Instant hope.These are the things Spencer believes he needs to fix his life, and that is what the steroids promise–a quick fix.But promises can be broken and shortcuts are often treacherous, and Spencer must decide if those risks are worth the perceived rewards–if “artificial” hope is strong enough for him to be fixed, by force


Fixed by Forced is really a powerful story. It’s about Bullying, and dealing with a home filled with anger, abuse and hate. Spencer has to deal with all of it, we go on a journey with him and see what he does in order not to end up like his mom and dad. How he deals with all of this, is truly inspirational.

Jason really delved deep when developing his characters. We can relate and the emotion is up and down through this entire novel. I think Jason really did a well job and I really ended up enjoying this for various of reasons.

I wish Jason all the luck with Fixed by Force.

Kind Wishes,

Adrienne Woods.



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