The Mermaid’s Sanctuary Hunter’s Series Book 2 Charlie Daye

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The Mermaid’s Sanctuary
Hunter’s Series
Book 2
Charlie DayeGenre: Paranormal RomanceISBN: 1481032178
ASIN: B00F5GE0AUNumber of pages: 317
Word Count: 59,548

Cover Artist: Charlie Daye

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Book Description:

Keagan is a Hunter and happy with his current situation. He is single and his only responsibility is to his family and the realms as a Hunter.

Princess Seah, is the daughter of King Caspian and the most rebellious of all his children. Desperately wanting to be free to swim in the ocean and return to her beloved sanctuary, Seah defies her father’s orders to remain in the castle. When she finds herself on the run from trackers from the warring kingdom of King Tahoe she swims for the only place she can think of… Hunter’s Beach.

Keagan and his family of Hunters are celebrating on the beach when they see Seah swimming straight for them. Keagan braces for impact as Seah launches herself out of the water and into his arms as well as his heart. As the two become closer it appears that keeping Seah out of trouble is going to be Keagan’s biggest mission yet.


Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny day and Keagan was lying back on his elbows staring out at the ocean. The weather was warm with very little breeze and was the perfect day to sit on the beach and celebrate. The Raydon family had gathered to celebrate Nikkita and Raylia’s first birthday and since their mother, Oralia, insisted that they not make a big deal out of it the family decided on having a small family bar-be-que on the beach.

Nikkita and Raylia were the first girls born to the Raydon clan and the first Hunters born with hair color other than white. They looked very much like their mother which drove their father, Niko, insane. He had already equipped the house with motion sensors and a state of the art security system for when they became old enough to date. The whole thing became a giant joke amongst the family considering it would be years before that happened.

Keagan loved his nieces and spent any free time he had with them. He even offered to babysit more often then not just so he could spend time with them. Oralia often lectured him about going out with his other brothers, Markus and Kai, so that he’d be able to find a nice woman to settle down with and have his own kids but for now Keagan was content with the way things were.

Keagan was startled out of his thoughts when he was attacked by a couple of four year old monsters. “Gotcha Uncle Keagan,” they yelled in unison.

Keagan laughed and rolled with Alexander and Xavier tucked in his arms. “You two are getting pretty good at sneaking up on people,” he said complimenting them.

Alexander and Xavier were twin boys that belonged to one of Keagan’s other brothers, Lucian and his wife Ella who was now in her second pregnancy with baby number three as it were. The boys had spent the last year in Hunter’s training, which was the custom for all Hunter males. Schooling began at three for boys and if the girls wanted to go to school for training their training began at five. To date, there were very few Hunter females in training.

“Yep,” Xander said, “we’re going to be great Hunters just like you and all the men in our family.”

“That’s right,” Xavier continued, “Then we’ll be saving all the pretty girls!”

Keagan couldn’t contain his laughter, “Is that what you think we do Xavier? Save pretty girls?”

“Yep, just look at Aunt Oralia. Uncle Niko saved her!” Xavier pointed out.

Keagan laughed. “Hey Niko! Did you know that our sole purpose as Hunters was to save pretty girls like Oralia?”

Niko laughed and hugged Oralia to his side, “Works for me!”

Everyone laughed. Keagan shook his head, “Food ready yet?”

“It’ll be done in a minute,” Lucian said, “best get your plate ready.”

After they ate, Oralia, Ella and Aminay sat around and played with the children while Sebastien, Markus, Keagan, Niko, Lucian and Kai played a three on three game of volleyball.

Aminay stood and picked up Nikkita, “Let’s take the kids in the water.”

Oralia stood up and grabbed Raylia, “You don’t think it’ll be too cold for them?”

Aminay shook her head, “No, it should be fine. Sebastien and I used to bring the boys here all the time when they were younger. It never seemed to bother them.”

“Nothing seems to bother them,” Ella giggled.

“Well, except for us,” Oralia said grinning.

Aminay smiled and called over her shoulder to the men, “We’re going in the water for a bit.”

All the men stopped and turned to look at Aminay as if she spoken a foreign language. “By yourself?” Sebastien asked.

“No dearest, Ella and Oralia will be with me,” she said teasingly.

Sebastien’s mouth formed a grim line, “Perhaps we should come with you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Sebastien! I’m sure the three of us are more than capable of handling my grandchildren without your assistance,” she scolded.

“If you need anything just call us Mother, “Niko said trying to soothe the situation.

“At least someone remembered that I raised five boys already,” she grumbled under her breath. Ella and Oralia laughed.

Taking Alexander and Xavier by the hands, all three women waded into the ocean. They’d only been in a few minutes when Nikkita started wailing as if someone had placed her in a vat of boiling water. Niko immediately stopped what he was doing and ran into the water taking Nikkita from his mother, “There, there princess daddy’s here.” And just like that she was quiet.

“How is it that you’re the only one that can do that with her?” Aminay asked bewildered.

Niko grinned, “She’s daddy’s girl.”

Niko waded further into the water and Nikkita started whimpering again. Niko wrapped his arms around her little body and said, “It’s alright Nikki, daddy won’t let you fall.” Nikki whimpered once more before resting her head on Niko’s shoulder where she stayed completely content.

Lucian followed Niko into the water and picked up Xander on the way tossing him up into the air and catching him. Xander squealed in delight, “Again daddy again!”

“Lucian Raydon, don’t you drop him!” Ella warned.

Xavier looked up at Markus as he approached and lifted his little arms, “Uncle Markus!”

Markus swept Xavier up into his arms and tossed him high up into the air and chuckled when Ella started screaming bloody murder. After a few minutes, Markus, Lucian, Keagan and Kai began tossing the boys back and forth between them. Rather than torturing herself, Ella turned her back on them and started talking to Oralia and Aminay.

Sebastien approached Oralia and relieved her of Raylia kissing her on the cheek, “How’s grandpa’s girl?” Raylia simply laughed in response.

With the men entertaining the children, Oralia turned to Ella, “So… when do you find out what you’re having?”

Ella rubbed her barely there baby bump, “We still have a couple weeks yet.”

“What are you hoping for?” Oralia asked.

“Honestly, I’d love a girl but I’d be happy with another boy. I know Lucian wouldn’t mind another boy,” she said smiling.

Aminay grinned, “I’m sure he wouldn’t but it’s about time we start leveling out the playing field. There is way too much testosterone in this family. Not that I’d trade away any of them but more females would be nice.”

“Well, I can tell you that Niko’s hoping for a boy next time around,” Oralia said.

“Are you going to start trying again soon?” Ella asked.

“Heavens no!” Oralia said horrified.

Both Ella and Aminay laughed.

“Maybe when the girls are little older like out of diapers older,” Oralia admitted.

“What’s happening with diapers?” Niko asked interrupting their conversation.

“Ella asked when I’d be ready to try for more kids and I told her when the girls are out of diapers,” Oralia replied.

Niko grinned and kissed her shoulder, “At least we can practice till then.”

“You’re horrible!” Oralia said teasingly.

“Yes but you love me!”

Oralia smiled, “That I do.”

A sharp whistle drew the group’s attention to Sebastien. “Everyone out of the water now!” he yelled. “We’ve got incoming!”

It took only seconds for the ocean to empty. Niko stood with Nikki still wrapped in one arm while the other was protectively encasing Oralia’s waist. Ella stood behind Lucian with her hands resting on his waist wanting to protect her belly. Sebastien held Raylia with one arm and had a hold of Aminay’s hand with the other keeping her slightly to the rear of him. Kai flanked Lucian holding Xavier while Markus stood on the other side of Oralia holding Alexander. Keagan stood out in front of everyone with his arms crossed. They all stared out at the ocean as whatever was jumping in and out of the water came straight for them.

About the Author:

Charlie Daye began writing at the tender age of thirteen. With an obsession for romance, happy endings and the supernatural she delves into your greatest fantasies and worst nightmares. She will have you laughing, crying, falling in love and getting angry. She will always give you a HEA but getting there is the journey worth taking.

Charlie Daye was born in Lynwood, California. Her greatest passions are music and writing. Her first short story was written at the age of thirteen. At the time her entire class was asked to write a short story for Halloween as part of a homework assignment. Most of the kids in the class wrote one to two page stories… Charlie wrote eight. The short story titled The Haunted House went on to win her district wide awards and was published locally. From their she began writing poetry as means of expression.

Since her writing career began she’s published several titles… The House, The Colonial, The Reservation, The Portrait, The Gypsy’s Dance, Mistaken for a Call Girl, Her Last Request and her national best seller Breeders. Four of which have been nominated for the 2012 RONE Award.

For updates on her books or just to spend some time in her fun and crazy world check out her webpage at or find her on Facebook!

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Getting Lost The Island Book 1 by Marie Morgan



Title: Getting Lost (The Island, Book One)

Author: Marie Morgan

Genre: Erotica

Cicily Welling lost everything she cared about. On a dangerous path of self-destruction, she finds a website announcing The Island, saying how they can help those with “emotional problems.”

With much trepidation, she fills out the form and clicks submit, launching herself into a world she never knew existed. It all starts with him. He tells her she’ll heal and makes grand promises that she’ll never be a doormat again.

Now, getting lost is the only way she’ll be able to find herself. In this first book of The Island trilogy, Cicily finds out just how delicious getting lost can be.

Author Bio

Marie2_SFWMarie Morgan fell in love with the erotica genre when she read Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series. Marie has attempted to delve deeply into the human psyche and show how embracing something new can set someone free.



Twitter: @AuthorMMorgan



Purchase Links:





After a shower and a long time brushing her teeth, she felt ready to face the world. She headed into Marc’s room and pulled her clothes out of her bag. A tube of lipstick dropped from the confines of her jeans and rolled under the bed. “Ugh!” she whispered. She pulled her jeans on, buttoned them, and dropped to her belly on the floor, inching her way under the bed. As her fingers closed around the errant tube, they brushed something else. Figuring she’d haul whatever it was out, too, she looped her pinky finger around the object and pulled.

A lacy bra with a note in one of the cups was suddenly under her nose. Looking up to be sure Marc was still sleeping; she quickly gathered the bra, note, and her bag before stepping out to the living room and closing the door.

She eyed the bra as she made coffee, knowing it wasn’t hers and she was the only girl Marc had dated since he moved in six months before. Pouring a cup of the dark brew, her temper simmering, she snagged the objects and took a seat on the couch before opening the note with trembling hands.


Dearest Marc,

I really loved our time together. Making love with you has been on my mind since the first day you walked into work. When it finally happened, my every fantasy came true. Since then, every time has been like the first time. Your taste drives me wild and I can’t wait to be on my knees for you again. Having you inside me is a feeling I won’t soon forget. I’m leaving you this little memento so you might remember our passionate nights. I hope we can continue our tryst. Let me know when you break up with your girlfriend. I’m looking forward to our first real date; one that will allow us to be free and open with our feelings for one another in public. While I enjoy our private time, I don’t like sneaking around. I want to show you off to the world.

All my love,


Cicily read the letter six times before deciding what to do. Hmmm, I could kick his ass, scream and throw things, or… She walked over to her purse, pulled out a pen, and added a note to the bottom of the letter.


“Dearest” Marc,

I’m guessing that, before my family died, you were planning to dump me. I’m also guessing that you found you couldn’t do it in the wake of the pain I was already suffering. I’m going to be brutally honest with you now. The letter above has ripped my heart out of my body and left it lying on your kitchen floor. You were all I had left. I gave you my complete trust and you betrayed me in the worst way possible. I also wonder if you stayed because of the money from my parents’ estate. Were you intending to keep seeing her behind my back?

I wish you’d have just told me. Instead, you continued to use my body as you saw fit while giving yourself to another woman on the side. That’s the lowest form of disrespect. I also gave you my love. Something I never thought I’d live to regret.

It’s all gone now. Amber sounds like a nice, slutty girl and it was sweet of her to leave you a note and a bra for you to remember your times with her by. It must not have been that special if you needed a memento to recall it. Then again, sex with you sucked anyway. Maybe it was her that needed the reminder.

So, I’m leaving. When you finally wake up, my things will be out of your apartment and my number will be changed. Don’t call me. Don’t try to find me. Don’t ever look me up again.

I wish you every happiness with Ms. Amber. I only hope she realizes what she’s getting herself into. No telling how many times you’ve done this to me.

All my dead, blackened love,


P.S. You fart in your sleep. It’s really bad. Smells like something crawled up your butt and died. You may want to see a doctor before you accidentally kill your new girlfriend.

She drained the last of the coffee from her cup, folded the note, and put it back in the cup of the bra before fastening the whole package to the front of the fridge. Silently, she moved around the apartment, gathering her things. When she had the last item in her bag, she left, giving the door a hard slam behind her.


Secret Santa by Julie Rowe

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Secret Santa


Julie Rowe

Excerpt Secret Santa:

Chapter One

“I hate Secret Santa,” Kenzie Bowman muttered to herself. She crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the wall, as far away from the crowded hospital’s emergency department lunch room table as possible. The table was covered in wrapped boxes and gift bags. A bevy of nurses rummaged through them looking for their name on a tag, squeals of glee and laughter filling the remaining space in the room.

Anyone walking by would think it was Black Friday. They’d be lucky if they didn’t end up treating one of their own for a bloody nose.

She used to love Christmas. The decorations, buying just the right gift for a friend, singing carols, and spending time with the people she loved.

Until last year.

Until her twin brother, Kennon, was killed on Christmas Day.

Now, she just wanted the entire event to be over. She never wanted to see another Christmas tree, hear another Christmas song, or taste eggnog ever again.

Her friend Amy surfaced from the circling sharks with a gift in each hand. “I found yours, Kenzie,” she said with Christmas cheer that darn near dripped sugar.

Oh joy.

Amy bounced up to Kenzie and thrust the gift into her hands, then proceeded to rip the paper off her own.

“Ohh,” she squealed, segueing into a victory dance as she hoisted her booty into the air. “A bottle of Baileys! Santa loves me, yes he does.” Amy paused mid-dance to lever her laser-sharp gaze at Kenzie. “Your turn, Ebenezer. Open it.”

“What’s the point? I don’t wear perfume, I don’t like scented candles, and I don’t drink alcohol. We know the likelihood of one of those three items being in this box is eighty-six-point-three percent.”

“You sound like a computer when you talk that way,” Amy said, enunciating each word individually.

“Better than having your eardrums blown out by indiscriminate screaming.”

Amy’s eyes narrowed to two slits. “Open the box.”

“Have I mentioned how much I hate Secret Santa?”

“The box, Kenzie. Now.

“Fine.” Kenzie rolled her eyes and picked at the festive paper. “But if this gift sucks it’s going home with you.”

Amy’s fierce expression slowly turned into a frown. “You don’t just hate Secret Santa, you hate Christmas, don’t you?”

“Do you blame me?” Christmas was supposed to be a time of joy and love, spent with friends and family. All that was impossible for her now. She and Kennon had been all each other had for eight years now. A heart attack had taken Dad from them. Mom followed him to the grave four months later.

Amy glanced away at the crowd of nurses and doctors for a second, then met Kenzie’s gaze. “I suppose not. But it’s not healthy for you to brood.” She watched Kenzie’s fingers as they slowly peeled the tape from the paper. “Come to my place Christmas Day,” Amy said, the words rushing out of her mouth like a five-year-old who’d had too much candy. “Don’t stay home alone. Please.”

“I won’t be good company.”

“That’s why you should come.”

The last of the tape came off the paper and Kenzie carefully folded it and threw it into the garbage can. The box in her hand was too small for a bottle of Baileys, so it was down to perfume or candles. She opened the top, pushed aside the tissue paper, and pulled out a glass ball about the size of her fist.

The glass was plain, no decoration or sparkles. Something hung inside it, tied up in some string. She turned the ball to see if she could get a better look—

A bullet.

A smashed, wrecked bullet.

Pain seized her diaphragm and brought her breathing to a screeching halt. The agony ricocheted through her body until even the tips of her hair hurt.

“What’s that?” Amy asked, staring at the ball, confusion furrowing her forehead. “It’s not very festive looking.”

It could only be one thing.

“The reason why I hate Christmas.” Her voice sounded strangely calm.


“This isn’t from staff, it’s from my brother’s best military buddy.”

Why? Why would he do this? Give her the one thing guaranteed to rip her heart out while it was only barely still beating.

“It’s the bullet that killed my brother.” The words came from far, far away. Almost an echo.

Amy’s gaze jerked up to meet her own. “Your brother? But I thought he… Shit,” she breathed out as a whisper. “How do you know it’s that bullet?”

“Because he tried to give it to me before.”

“He what?

But Kenzie wasn’t listening anymore. She was drowning in sorrow. It clouded her mind, sight, and hearing, pulling her under into a dark and silent world. Somehow she walked from the lunch room to the waiting room, but she had no memory of doing it. This must be what teleportation was like. Going from location to location without the inconvenience of conventional travel.

People turned as she entered the waiting area, most of them likely hoping she’d call their name.

Except for one.

One man stood slowly, staring at her face, his gaze apologetic. He was tall and fit, with a squared face that was strong rather than handsome. Every woman in the room turned to stare at him, but he didn’t seem to notice. His whole focus was on her.

She angled her head back sharply then turned and walked a little ways until she got to a large wheelchair-accessible washroom. She went inside. He followed her in and she shut and locked the door.

Kenzie glared at the man who had been trying to give her a damaged bullet for the past three months. A man she’d refused to see again after their first disastrous conversation. A man she’d told to go to hell.

A man she’d once thought she loved.

Gage Remington.

She held out the box to him. “I don’t want this. I never wanted to see it and to find it in a glass ball pretending to be a Christmas ornament—” For a moment she ran completely out of breath. “Take it.”

He made no effort to accept the box. “Damn it, Kenzie, he wanted you to have it.”

“My brother wanted me to have the bullet that killed him?”

“No. He wanted you to have a reminder of what you have to live for. ‘We’re all just a bullet or a breath away from oblivion; don’t waste yours’—wasn’t that the phrase you used to say goodbye with?” He took a step toward her. “He made me swear. It was the last thing he said to me before—”

She thrust a warning finger an inch from his nose. “Don’t say it.” She paced a step or two away, then back. “I never knew how stupid and childish it was to say the rhyme our grandfather taught us until the damn bullet showed up.” She shoved the box at him and spun, grabbing for the door handle, but he got there before she could get the door open.

He took her shoulders into his hands and turned her.

She didn’t want to see him, didn’t want to touch him, didn’t want to face the reality of her life with her brother—her best friend—no longer in it.

She pounded on Gage’s chest and fought to get herself free.

He simply gathered her up and pulled her into his intractable embrace. Someone was crying deep, shuddering sobs that sounded like they were coming out of the throat of a tortured person.

That’s when she realized—she was the person crying.

About Julie Rowe:

Julie Rowe’s first career as a medical lab technologist in Canada took her to the Northwest Territories and northern Alberta, where she still resides. She loves to include medical details in her romance novels, but admits she’ll never be able to write about all her medical experiences because, “No one would believe them!” In addition to writing contemporary and historical medical romance, and fun romantic suspense for Entangled Publishing and Carina Press, Julie has a short story in The Mammoth Book of ER Romance (September 2013). Her book Saving the Rifleman (book one of the War Girls series) won the novella category of the 2013 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Her writing has also appeared in several magazines such as Today’s Parent, Reader’s Digest (Canada), Canadian Living, and Romantic Times Magazine.

For more information about Julie, please visit her online at, on Twitter @julieroweauthor, or at her Facebook page:


Christmas is a time for family, but for the first time, one of my daughters no longer lives at home. I’m an empty-nester (almost!). Decorating the house and the tree isn’t the same. Baking cookies isn’t the same either. I feel like I’m missing a limb. I am missing my daughter, even though I know she’ll be back to celebrate Christmas with the family in time for the big day. I’ve got a light on at the end of my lonesome tunnel, but what about all those who’ve lost loved ones at this time of year?

For anyone who’s lost a friend or a family member anywhere near Christmas or the New Year, the festive season doesn’t feel so festive. It turns out that the number of people who’ve experienced this kind of loss isn’t small. A couple of years ago, a study was done on death rates in the United States and it turns out that Christmas and New Year’s Days are the two deadliest days of the year. The increase is as high as 10%. No one seems to know the cause of this, but what is clear is that for many people, Christmas is a difficult day. If you know someone who’s lost an important person in their life during the Christmas season, make a special note to spend time with them. Love is the greatest healer.

The heroine in my story, SECRET SANTA, is a nurse grieving the death of her twin brother. She discovers the healing power of love when she receives an unexpected gift at the staff Secret Santa party which leads her to discover her brother left her a secret message of hope.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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