The Call of The Siren by Mark Flemming

The Call of the Siren

Title: The Call of The Siren
Author: Mark Flemming
ebook: ISBN13: 9780955062155
Published October 1st 2013 by Rumble
edition language: English


She is the Siren. The last of her kind. Once an object of myth and romance, it took until the 20th Century for humans to find a use for her… as the perfect killer.
A tale of loss, espionage and fear. A contemporary fantasy with a twist, and a new character for the genre.



I Love it when a story hooks me like this from the first page. Mark Flemming gave me a copy for my honest review and this has an interesting premise, well developed, and beautiful characters. His descriptions were wonderful and I got completely lost in the pages, just like a book should do.

Eleanor,a Siren and the Main Character, is so strong, yet she has weakness to find love, and feeling trapped, like most humans do. It is a fictional character out of this world but one we can all relate to. The plot takes you on a roller coaster ride, the kind you really enjoy, and there were really emotional parts in this book, that I just can’t put into words. Mark Flemming did an amazing job. It’s one novel that I couldn’t predict the end.
I’ve been around the world myself and the way Mark is taking his readers around the world with The Call of The Siren, was done beautiful. I could see the Lake’s of England, the beaches of Tailand and a place I really want to go, Rome.

Mark definitely gave me an idea what I’m going to expect and I fell in love with his writing style, it’s a beautiful crafted story, and one I recommend to everyone. You need to read the story. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

It’s a novel I would recommend to all of my friends.

Thank you Mark for sending me a copy to review. I wish you all the luck with this novel.

Kind Wishes,




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