The Lost Voice By Allison Agius


Kate Gregory can hear people’s thoughts. It is something she had learnt to hide.  One day she hears something that may threaten the life of a child.  Now she has a dilemma.  To save the child does she tell people of her ability, will people believe her if she does, and if she’s wrong, what damage will she do?


North East writer, Allison Agius, coming from a chaotic and unstable childhood, did not believe that she was ‘the kind of person who wrote books’.  However, she couldn’t help herself and has been writing most of her life.

For the past twenty years, since the birth of her first child, there has been more determination and focus in her writing and she has written for a range of newspapers and magazines, as well as continuing with her main love, fiction.

Allison now lives in the North East of England with her husband to be Jonathan and, (on and off), their five children. In April 2013 she gave up a successful executive position managing a charity, to write full-time.   She had savings to last for six months, and she’s still writing full-time so she must be doing something right.

Her first ebook was ‘The Cross Over’ and she has since published “The Lost Voice”.  Her other two previously published books are a spiritual development book called ‘Hidden Secrets Buried Treasure’, which she revised and reedited in 2013, and a fiction novel called Treading Water.  She has written in the region of about eight novels over the past twenty years, but so far only these few have been shared with anyone.

She feels that, like all craft, there is an apprenticeship required, and now she’s ready to start sharing more of her work.

She is currently working on two new fiction novels, “Nothing But The Truth” and “Behind Closed Doors”, which are expected to be launched in 2014 as eBooks and a non fiction title called “Five Simple Steps to Success”.


I’ve got a copy from Allison to do an honest review for her. The lost voice, as you can tell by the book description, immediately pulled me in. I love this type of stories where the MC is so strong that she has to find a way to blend in with humanity.

Allison’s MC Kate, was well developed. She found herself in a very awkward situation that could reveal her gift if she wasn’t careful. Some of the pages kept me at the edge of my seat. It was so good. I liked the premise of this book even before I start reading it. Allison’s writing voice comes through strong and her ability to write shines through her entire novel.

Her descriptions are really good and I felt a strong connection with Kate the entire time.

I would recommend this to everyone. You can find The Lost Voice on Amazon.

Good job writing this Allison, I wish you all the luck.

Fotor5 star

Kind Wishes,

Adrienne Woods


Decending Darkness by Michael Chulsky


Title: The Descending Darkness
Author: Michael Chulsky
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Sci-Fantasy (Science Fiction/Fantasy)
Publisher: Rocking Horse Publishing
Release Date: Sept 28 2013

Decending darkness cover


Seventeen-year-old bounty hunter SHADOW is about to lose his mind. One week he’s killing demons and other creatures. The next, he has ten super-powered teenagers in his care. Shadow needs their help, because without them he can’t hope to complete his mission. But he’s never dealt with other teenagers before. He’s always been a loner. Heck, he’s tried the whole having-a-pet thing. It died.

Shadow’s mission: save the world and ensure his entire team survives the potential apocalypse. If MAEDARA, self-proclaimed fashionista, Queen of Evil, and diva extraordinaire wasn’t trying to rule the world, it’d be cake. Now, not only does Shadow have to deal with teens more concerned with going to the mall than fighting evil, but also a villain who, in his opinion, makes Lady Gaga look like Mother Theresa.

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Author Information

Michael Chulsky grew up in New Jersey and has been writing ever since his fourth grade teacher let him create a class newspaper to channel his creativity. He is the author of The Descending Darkness and currently lives with his fiancé. When not writing he enjoys browsing Tumblr, listening to music, and devouring every piece of cheesecake that falls into his line of sight.

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This book’s premise is absolutely amazing. The characters are all teens except for Shadow and Michael has captured their persona’s beautiful. I could see teen complications. It’s a x-men type of novel with Shadow, half vampire – half human, is their leader. The teens all have abilities that they must use to save the world from evil.

I really loved the story line of it and I read just to find out how it ended. Michael didn’t disappoint.

Now for what I didn’t like and I know I’m bickering about this on and on. There is an unnatural flow to the dialogue, and some of the sentences doesn’t make much sense. I think if Michael can redo some dialogue parts and get a good editor to check out sentence structure, this will be a 10 out of five, that’s how much I loved the story line.

My rating for this, even with the things that I didn’t like:

Fotor 4star


I wish you all the luck with Descending Darkness.

Kind Wishes,
Adrienne Woods