Sizzling It Up Indie Style . . . BTS emag

Sizzling It Up Indie Style
By Nikki McCarver

Many people are on the fence when it comes to indie publishing. I can’t help but ask them why. The indie explosion is quite fascinating and has opened so many doors for so many incredibly talented people to share their work. I say don’t knock until you try it . . . and the Diva has quite a few naughty nibbles for you to sink your teeth in. The great thing about indie publishing is that the rules don’t apply. You end up having a literal smorgasbord of raw sex scenes that will make your toes and other areas . . . curl . . .
Heat Level: 3 Flames
Hot, Hot, Hot Indie Paranormals.
Dead Sexy by Paige Tyler (Indie Book— available now)
My vote is that this lovely lady should go from Paige Tyler to Paige Turner . . . such is the way of her books. This unique and incredibly hot partial-zombie wonder is a masterpiece of love, suspense, and panty-drenching sex scenes. If paranormals are not your forte, but contemporary BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism) scenes are? Please take a look at some of her other books. They will absolutely make your nights more memorable.
Discover great tips on promotions from author Mary Manners. Read the full column for full details on “getting twitterpated”.
Get Twitterpated
By Mary Manners
So, you’ve just signed a contract for your first book or perhaps even published as an indie author. Or, maybe you’re
on the journey to publication and looking for a great editor or agent while you’re hashing out the final edits. Whether a
seasoned author, a newbie author, or a wannabe author, how does one connect with other writers and readers who
share the same interests without losing an abundance of precious writing time?
One of the answers is Twitter. With a little practice and a bit of patience, navigating Twitter is fairly easy. Here are
the basics:
Set Up an Account
Choose a username that is as close to yours as possible, so others can easily find you. Avoid using underscores if
possible. If someone shares your name, you can add a numeral after yours. For example, my username is
marymanners1. Add a short bio that’s catchy and gives viewers a snapshot of who you are. Be sure to include both a
touch of professionalism and a tidbit of personal. Do you love dark chocolate? Consider flavored coffee a food group?
Hike the Himalayas for kicks and giggles? Let viewers know. A bit of humor goes a long way.
Find Friends and Colleagues
One way to do this is to start with people from your writing circle and see whom they follow and who follows them.
By checking out profiles, you should begin to easily build your follow group. Most people will acknowledge new
followers with a thank-you and are happy to follow back. Another way to do this is to search hashtags that highlight
your interests, such as #writing, #inspyromance, etc. This type of search will bring up others who share your
interests. You can subgroup your followers into lists so each may be located quickly and easily.
Compose Your Tweets


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