Nina Croft, author of Daughter of the Dragon Princess


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I got a couple of minutes of Nina’s time to do an interview with her, and this is what she had to say.

AW: Please tell us a bit about yourself and back ground?
NC: I’m actually English, but I now live on an almond farm in the mountains of southern Spain. I share the farm with my husband and a whole load of animals, and I spend my time, reading, writing and picking the occasional almond.

AW: What inspired you to write this book?
NC: I’d just finished writing a paranormal romance based around vampires and werewolves and wanted to attempt something a little different. I’d been reading a lot of fantasy at the time (The Black Jewels Trilogy springs to mind) and while I wanted to stick with paranormal romance as a genre, I also wanted to add a touch of fantasy. Dragons seemed the obvious choice for a fantasy creature, and I made them shape shifters for a more paranormal feel.

AW: Describe what the book/story is about?
NC: Daughter of the Dragon Princess is a love story about a woman discovering who (and what) she is, and an honorable man (well, actually a dragon) fighting against what he knows is his duty, but which he now suspects might be wrong.
Lily was an orphan and she has no idea of her heritage or that she is actually the last of the dragon princesses and the only person who can stand beside the dragon king and open the portals between the dragon world and ours.
Malachite has the job of finding Lily and delivering her to his king. Unfortunately, as he gets to know her, handing her over becomes impossible…

AW: Is there a message in this novel you want your readers to grasp?
NC: The main theme of the story is accepting what you are, learning to live with it, and even embrace it, however scary it might appear at the start. At the same time, there’s a slightly contradictory message that people need to always question what they are and not blindly follow a particular course just because that’s the way something has always been done.

AW: What was the time frame for writing this book?
NC: I wrote it during nanowrimo a couple of years back, which is National Novel Writing Month, where a whole load of writers get together in November each year, sit down, and try and write a book in a month. I succeeded, but it needed a whole lot more work after that.

AW: How did you came up with the title?
NC: Usually, titles come to me after  finish writing, I’m all ready to send it to my editor and I’m thinking—what do I call this book? And it’s a scramble. With Daughter of the Dragon Princess, the title came first and I just liked the flow of words.

AW: Who created your cover?
NC: The cover was done by Keith Draws Cover Art. I saw Keith’s work on Facebook and loved it.

AW: Hardest part for writing this novel?
NC: Probably the editing. I wrote the story very fast, which I love doing and works well for me, but which also means there’s usually a lot of tidying up to do.

AW: How did you find your publisher/agent – if self published, why did you choose to self publish?
NC: Daughter of the Dragon Princess is self-published. I have a lot going on with my publisher, Entangled Publishing, right now, a number of releases happening over the next few months and I wanted something I could work on while I was waiting between edits and so on. I love the process of self-publishing; I love being in control of the cover art and the editing and the time frame. It’s just a different process than working with a publisher and I love variety!

AW: Do you have any other novels out there? If not, what’s next?
NC: I write across a number of romance sub-genres, and have novels in the following: paranormal romance, (The Order series) sci-fi with paranormal, (The Blood Hunter series) contemporary, (Babysitting a Billionaire series) thrillers (The Descartes Legacy.) Please visit my website for more information.

Right now I’m writing, Taking Control, book 3 in my Babysitting a Billionaire series about a tough female bodyguard and the man she’s assigned to protect. The book is due for release early next year.
AW: When did writing become a passion?
NC: I started writing seriously five or six years ago, and it sort of crept up on me so now it’s a full-time obsession. I’m hoping I find a balance somewhere in the next few years as it’s taken over my life, but I’m not sure that will ever happen.

AW: Is this a series? If so, tell us a bit about the books planned.
NC: No, right now this is a stand-alone book. However, there are one or two characters who I would love to meet again. Maybe one day.

AW: Any advice for other writers?
NC: Write what you love. Things can be tough in this business but as long as you enjoy the actual writing then it’s all worthwhile.

AW: Anything you would like to say to your readers?
NC: Just that I hope you will get as much pleasure out of reading my books as I did writing them

AW: Favorite Authors?
NC: Some of my favorite authors right now are Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Harlan Coben, Anne Bishop, Susan Elizabeth Phillips…

AW: Favorite Books?
NC: Lord of the Rings, Black Jewels trilogy by Anne Bishop, the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovitch, JR  Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood…


AW: Website(s) and social media links?
NC: Website


AW: Where can people buy your novel?
NC: Amazon
Barnes and Noble


AW: Something personal about yourself people may be surprised to know?
NC: I have a pet pig called Piggles. She’s a three-legged Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, she lives in the house and is a total sweetie!


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