Mirror Image by C. Michael Powers

Mirror Image by C. Michael Powers

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Title: Mirror Images: The Darkness of Man (Book One)
Author: C. Michael Powers
Genre: Psychotic Thriller/Horror
Length: 260 pages
Release Date: May 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0615766065
Imprint: GrimoireA love story mixed with maniacs and monsters.

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Book Description:
Gabe Cutter, an average paper pusher, has his life ripped out from under him when his reflection in the mirror switches places with him, hell bent on destroying the life Gabe knows, and killing his cheating fiance’. Now, stuck on the other side of the mirror, Gabe must join together with a band of stranded survivors and find a way to get back to his world before his reflection destroys it. Along the way he battles his way through maniacs, monsters, and ultimately his own heart, as he realizes that the woman he’s been trying to save…wasn’t worth the price of admission.

What people are saying…

“A delightfully intriguing story, “Mirror Image” captured my attention at the very beginning with its superb reader’s hook, and maintained my interest and intrigue throughout. Author C. Michael Powers deftly explores the inner personality and integrity (or lack of same) in his multitude of characters. He also cleverly illustrates how a chance encounter, or a wish slipping from the tongue without thought, can lead to danger, trouble, even fatality. Very fast-paced action and plotting keep this paranormal urban fantasy rolling on. Think of a boulder rolling downhill in an avalanche and you will get some idea of the pacing and implacability of this story.”

– Mallory Anne (Amazon)

C. Michael Powers

About the Author:

C. Michael Powers (Christopher Powers) started writing at the age of 16 when his dad and younger brother were out fishing, and he was left alone, with only his thoughts, his sleeping grandfather, and an old typewriter. Since then he hasn’t been able to stop. Recently, he has focused his attention on contemporary fantasy; dark, action packed stories, the kind he’d like to read himself. Now, living in his wife’s beautiful country of Panama, with she and their four kids, he’s finally finding time to write. Living in Panama has given him the opportunity to write freelance about retirement locations all over the isthmus, and has even given him some time to work on his true passion…fiction.




I always had a thing about my image in the mirror. So you can imagine what Mirror Image did for me. It just enhance that phobia I’ve got.

I was given a copy by the publisher to give an honest review. Now being an author myself, I found that I don’t enjoy books like I use too, because of my knowledge I’ve picked up about Writing Mechanics, but I have to say, Mirror Image, I thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s about a man, Gabe, that finds himself in all sorts of crazy scenarios because of his evil twin, his reflection in the mirror. It is a dark story and I think C.Michael Powers has outdone himself with this. I was hooked immediately, just the idea that there is another world through a mirror, and that on the other side you are nothing like on this side, crept me out.

I recommend Mirror Image to everyone that wants to enjoy a good story.

There were some minor things I didn’t like, but I’ve contacted Mr. Powers about that myself.

Good Luck with Mirror Image, and I can’t wait for book two.

My rating:

four rating

Kind Wishes,

Adrienne Woods


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