Snake The Gypsy by Mikal O’ Boyle

snake of a gypsy

Title: Snake The Gypsy
Paperback, 156 pages
Published June 20th 2013 by Black Rose Writing
ISBN 1612962246 (ISBN13: 9781612962245)

Enchanting and full of adventure, the story of Snake the Gypsy, narrated by an elderly Snake, is a recounting of her life as a young girl. It begins with a lonely gypsy girl who is ostracized by her own nation and is neglected by her unsympathetic mother. Times seem very hard for her as she struggles to find happiness in life until she finally befriends an extraordinary snake who follows her, protects her, and even dances with her during her rigorous training sessions. When the time comes for Snake to enter into the Loce, the bi-annual gypsy festival, a horrible fate befalls the gypsy girl and her snake, deserting her in a place she is unfamiliar with, but she soon discovers that things have become even worse as she has stumbled into the midst of a war between two very unlikely beings. After nearly enduring a painful death, losing her heart for the first time, and sacrificing herself for a hopeless cause, Snake the gypsy continues on to become the elderly woman who narrates the story. The only question is, how true is a gypsy’s story?

Mikal Boyle

About the Author:

Mikal O’Boyle grew up in a very small town in Northwest Indiana with both her parents and two older brothers-not to mention the members of her extended family that were covered in fur and were prone to fleas. From there she traveled to Massachusetts where she survived four grueling years at Smith College and graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature. Whether it was from all the reading she did as a child (Wishbone books, Goosebumps, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, little golden books, etc.) or from courses she took at Smith, she all at once I realized that her imagination was far more advanced than



This book was really a wonderful story told. I liked the premise of it and Mikal has a wonderful imagination when it comes to describing everything.  The flow was really good
and it’s a fairly easy read. I finished this one in one day.

What I didn’t like was that you wanted just a tad bit more of her characters, even the story.

Still it was really well written and I would recommend this to everyone that loves this sort of novel. It’n not really my genre, except being YA, but I did enjoy this.

My rating:

four rating

Good luck with Snake the Gypsy, Mikal.

Kind wishes,

Adrienne Woods


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