Interview with J.C Mells, author of Pierced

J.C Mells has given me a couple of minutes to delve deeper into that awesome mind of hers, and where it all started. Here is what she had to say.

AW: Please tell us a bit about yourself and back ground?

J.C: I have dual nationality from England and the U.S. (Brit Dad, American mom) – and despite 22 years over here, I STILL have my British accent!

AW: What inspired you to write this book?

J.C: I would love to state something profound here – but the truth of the matter is that I was frustrated at how long the next book in my favorite series was going to take (at least a year and a half!) and so I decided to start my own.  I went into work one day and said “I am going to write a book.”  They all laughed at me.  Book 2, which is the third book in the series when you count the novella, is out in a few weeks.

AW: Describe what the book/story is about?

J.C: Although this series falls under the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance umbrella (I mean, there are vamps and werewolves and even a ‘sorcerer’!), I feel that I am more focused on my characters and their development over all the fantasy stuff.  My heroine is a very traumatized, pill-addicted, borderline schizophrenic – with more anxieties than you could shake a stick at.  My hero is an angry young man who hates the world and most people in it – and is also dealing with traumas of his own (though more of that is addressed in Book 2).   But despite dealing with heart-wrenching subjects like child abuse, I try to bring in a sense of humor through the inner dialogue between the main character and her inner voices – which just happen to be two characters from a 1945 classic film.

AW: Is there a message in this novel you want your readers to grasp?

J.C: No message, but I do think I have tried to ‘update’ the genre slightly.  You will find a lot of pop culture in my books.  I am a TV addict – and so are some of my characters.

AW: What was the time frame for writing this book?

J.C: When I started this book I was working full time as a server in a Las Vegas casino.  I only had time to write on my days off – so progress was slow (at least 6 months and I was only half way done).  My job of seven years closed down and I took some time off to focus on the writing thing.  I finished PIERCED and then wrote ESCAPED and PINKED in six months.

AW: How did you came up with the title?

J.C: It kind of all came together with the main character named Pierce, her obsession with her piercings (or face armor as she calls it), her inner voices, Mildred and Veda Pierce from Mildred Pierce.  Calling the book PIERCED was a no-brainer after all that!

AW: Who created your cover?

J.C: I did.  It’s my friend Kirstie – thanks girl!

AW: Hardest part for writing this novel?

J.C: Promoting it is the hardest part so far.  I have received super positive feedback from all who have read it.  It is the getting people to read it part that is proving challenging!

AW: How did you find your publisher/agent – if self published, why did you choose to self publish?

J.C: I chose to self-publish for the immediacy of it – and the autonomy too, of course. 

AW: What was your biggest learning experience/surprise throughout your publishing process?

J.C: The fans.  I was hoping people would like the book – but some people have written me such wonderful reviews and emails about how much they love this series so far – I am blown away by the support and appreciate every single drop of it!

AW: Do you have any other novels out there? If not, what’s next?

J.C: Book 2 – PINKED – out in a few weeks!  Book 1.5 (novella) out now and available everywhere ebooks are sold.

AW: When did writing become a passion?

J.C: I have always loved to write.  Even when I was a World of Warcraft-obsessed gamer, I would write these long, elaborate posts about this and that.  I think it became a passion when I started the PIERCED SERIES.

AW: Is this a series? If so, tell us a bit about the books planned.

J.C: As I have mentioned above, Book 2 is out soon – and I can’t give away any spoilers.   Well, I can say that unlike PIERCED, which was entirely from Pierce’s P.O.V, in Book 2 Lucas gets his turn and shares the P.O.V spotlight with her.

AW: Any advice for other writers?

J.C: I haven’t been at it long enough to be qualified to give out advice – I am up for listening to some though!  I have a long, on-going post on my website that is meant as a tool for new self-pubs like myself.  It is less advice, and more an outline of my early journey to promote PIERCED.

AW: Anything you would like to say to your readers?

J.C: A big, huge, gi-normous THANK YOU for all the support you have been showing me – via reviews or personal emails.  I REALLY, REALLY appreciate it!

AW: Favorite Authors?

J.C: In this genre – my favorites are Ilona Andrews, Stacia Kane and Patricia Briggs.   I recently have fallen in love with Lindsay Buroker’s

Emperor’s Edge series, which I devoured in it’s entirety in a few short weeks.

AW: Favorite Books?

J.C: Way too many to list! 🙂

AW: Website(s) and social media links?




AW: Where can people buy your novel?

J.C: Just about everywhere – eBook only for right now though. 



B&N (Nook),

Gumroad (this is a mobi/kindle format – that is like buying direct from the author and is a dollar cheaper!)

AW: Something personal about yourself people may be surprised to know?

J.C: Most people just call me Mells.  I am a Brit living in Vegas, who used to be a World of Warcraft addict and has a Master’s in Cinema Studies from NYU and another Master’s in South Asian History from Columbia.  I would say all of that surprises most! 🙂

Thank you very much for the interview, Adrienne!

She is just such a nice person, you are so welcome J.C.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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