Great Minds Think Aloud Virtual book tours

I’ve started to help GMTA publishing with their virtual tours. For this next three months we are scheduling some tours for the following authors,

If you love books, have a blog or like to review on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, etc you are more then welcome to participate. Just send me the book you want to read and if you have a blog; what would you like to post; a spotlight, interview, review or guest post.

GMTA PUBLISHING will be hosting several blog tours for their authors starting September – December of 2013.

We would love for literary bloggers in all genres to join us as we introduce authors both new and old with their debut novels. 

If interested you can send an email to: with the following information:


Blog Name:

Blog URL:

Date Hosting:

e-ARC for reviewing and/or giveaway:Yes or No 

We’d be honored to have you as a host on any of the following tours. We intend to supply all necessary information for hosting as well as e-ARC’s for reviews and/or giveaways.  We can offer at least 20 e-ARC’s or less for giveaways. If you’d like more information on the novelists and novels listed you can visit our site at: 


DelSheree Gladden: “Wicked. Hunger: Someone Wicked This Way Comes” (YA Supernatural/Paranormal) 

Erin Armstrong: “The Twisted Truth” (Fiction/Romance/ Drama) 

Justin Calderon: “LARP: The Battle for Verona” (Fantasy/YA Fantasy) 

Brian D. Anderson: “The Godling Chronicles: A Trial of Souls” (Fantasy/YA Fantasy) 


Candace L. Bowser: “The Mirror” (Paranormal Romance/Drama) 

T.K. Harris: “Phantom Dreams” (Paranormal Mystery/Drama) 

Mike Evers: “The Hopfield Tales” (Fantasy Anthology/Short Stories) 

C. Michael Powers: “Mirror Images: The Darkness of Man” (Horror/Drama/Supernatural Thriller) 



Angus H. Day: “Next You Universe. Series” (Sci -Fi)

Daniel Diehl: “Revelations: The Merlin Chronicles” (Fantasy/Sci-Fi) 

Carol J. Murto: “Soul Awareness” (Spiritual/Self-Help) 

David Lawrence-Young: “Anne of. Cleves: Henry’s Luckiest Wife” (Historical Fiction) 

Jamie Haden: “The Spirit Seeker: The Talisa Santiago Series” (Paranormal Romance/Fantasy) 


Debbie Brown: “Amethyst Eyes” (Paranormal) 

Joe Schwartz: “A Season Without Rain” (Fiction) 

Rebecca Medway: “Breathing” (Paranormal/Supernatural) 

Adrienne Woods: “FireBolt” (YA, Fantasy) 

Cynthia Bird: “Seven Years Bad Luck Starting Today” (YA Fiction) 

Banners and media kits will be available for all of them.

We do appreciate all the support,
Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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