Review for Along Came Pauly a novel by Chris Redding

Today’s post I chose to do a review for upcoming novel Along Came Pauly written by Chris Redding.

It’s a romantic story that really touched my heart. It’s follows a vet, named Daria, who also runs a no-kill animal shelter that desperately needing some donations. Her solution in getting the funds, be the date of her best friend Sam, at all the fund raisers he gets invited to. That’s where she caught the eye of an Italian heart throb, Paul or as his friends call him Pauly. A mechanic by profession, Pauly tries desperately to hide the fact that he is filthy rich, due to the death of his father a couple of months ago. Before Paul can get his inheritance he needs to donate anonymously to a charity that touches his heart, otherwise he can kiss his money goodbye.
So, how did Paul get to soften Daria’s heart the way she soften his, a stowaway called Spike.

I really love this story. Chris got really strong characters and you easily connect to them. All of them struggles with inner conflict and how they overcome them. Her love for animals shows in this novel and I do recommend it to everyone that want to read a love story surrounded by animals.

Now, I do have to say there is a couple of mistakes in this novel too. Even with the mistakes, I still loved it. It was very well written and easy to lose yourself in the pages.

Well done, Chris.
Along Came Pauly will be released Monday the 19th August. So keep an eye on it and grab your copy.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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