Review for A shadow in the Flames by M.G. Munz

For this week, I’m going to start with M.G. Munz novel A Shadow In The Flames.
I’m starting again by saying what I didn’t like about this book.
1. I’m not a sci-fi fan. I never liked this sort of books and they never pull me in.
2. a very small detail that I doubt readers will pick up, only the ones that know what to look for: Michael needs to read through writing mechanics. Some of the dialogues are mixed up, but I have to admit, Michael did always made it clear who said what. One of the main things Writing Mechanics help you with is forming the picture in your head, and because Michael’s dialogue lacked a bit in this the speakers keep jumping in my head as he made it clear who said what. It was a bit tiring.
BUT, and yes it’s a big but….
This novel was awesome. I LOVED it. I struggled a bit to get into it, since I’m not a fan of body guards etc, but by the second chapter I was hooked. What I love about Michael’s writing is that he really created and crafted his characters. I could see them clearly in my head and what type of persons they were. Not to mention the mystery. Love novels with mystery, and that makes me think. The shift from the earth to the moon was done amazingly and I wasn’t lost, like some authors lack to get it through, and you feel completely out of it. The gadgets and technology, not that I’m an expert, sounded so real and I am really wondering how he came up with all of it. Felix is definitely my favorite character with his quirky sense of humor. All Michael’s character’s were done great and the way he made me need to turn the page, love it.

Well done Michael and for all the sci-fi lover’s out there. Go get A Shadow in the Flames now! You won’t regret it.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods.


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