Interview with M.G. Munz author of A Shadow in the Flames

So I’ve recently asked M.G. Munz, the author of A Shadow in The Flame to discuss a couple of things with me and here is what he had to say.

AW: Where do you live?
MM: I live in Seattle, Washington (USA)

AW: Family man or a loner?
MM: I’m an unmarried uncle.

AW: Do you have pets? If so what?
MM: No pets – well, a pet ball-bearing named Smud. 😉

AW: When did writing became a passion?
MM: I’ve always enjoyed creating in some manner, but it didn’t really become a passion until I was 19. I wrote and filmed a few movies with friends during college (highly cheesy affairs), and I’ve worked in purely the written word ever since.

AW: What are the procedures you take when planning to write a novel. What is the first step, second, etc.
MM: First: get an idea. Second: Find a story that fits the idea. Third: Establish the characters in my mind so that I can write them better. Fourth: Make a rough outline of character arcs and plot. Fifth: Actually write, and see if my characters tell me to leave the outline in the dust.

AW: How did you come up with A Shadow in the Flames?
MM: It started out just as a basic adventure story in a cyberpunk setting, but it didn’t really work until I mixed in the inner struggle for Michael Flynn’s character and let that inform the story.

AW: Who are your favorite authors?
MM: Dan Simmons, Terry Brooks (Elfstones of Shannara is what I was reading when I specifically decided to become an author), Neil Gaiman, and Douglas Adams, to name a few. There are many more.

AW: Your favorite books?
MM: Hyperion (Dan Simmons),
The List of 7 (Mark Frost),
Life, the Universe, and Everything (Douglas Adams), and
Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman)–again, to name a few.

AW: How can people get in touch with you?
MM: I’m online at, and on Twitter: @TheWriteMunz

AW: Where can people buy A Shadow in the Flames.

Wow, thank you for this detailed message and you really covered good constructive points. I wish you all the luck with your novel and please AW readers, go and support this author, his novel is really something for the shelves.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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