Review for short story Swimmer by Cailyn March


For this entry I’ve decided to go with a short story. Swimmer is written by Cailyn March and you can find Cailyn on Goodreads.
Myself are not very good when it comes to writing short stories and therefor I take my hat off for any author that writes them.
No Cailyn really succeed and I can’t tell you how much emotions I felt with Swimmer.
It follows a woman, who badly loves a man. For some reason the two struggle to actually be together, but the passion they share felt so real. To make a short story even shorter, it didn’t end well for this woman and the end leaves you with a question mark. Did he save her or was she saved from him?

I loved, loved, loved this and reccomend it to everyone that wants to read something sweet and short.

She didn’t give me a link to where people can buy Swimmer, but I’m sure this one is on Amazon.

Thank you Cailyn for using my services and good luck with this. It is absolutely beautiful.

Kind Wishes,
Adrienne Woods

A little about Cailyn.
Cailyn March reads and writes in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and a lot of cats (insert crazy cat lady joke here).

When she has free time (what’s that?!?) she enjoys cooking, camping and cheering the Oakland A’s on to victory. Mostly though she just organizes her lip gloss collection.


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