Review For Deadly Election by Arthur Crandon

Deadly Election Cover EBOOK
Cloud Word: Philipines, Election, Politics, Sex, Crime, diplomat, violence.

This review I’m gonna start with what I didn’t like. First, this is not my genre. I don’t like diplomatic, politics. The opening scene is something I don’t want to read in a story since I’m very emosional towards that kind of abuse. I really stepped out of my comfort zone reading this one, BUT…
For some reason I couldn’t put this book down. Arthur Crandon has the ability to tell a story. This was indeed an excellent and fast paced read. I wasn’t bored out of my mind as I thought I was going to be when I read the first opening lines.
It follows the dark and twisted politician, Senator Consuelo. How he manage to get away with avoiding the inevitable. Betrayal, infidelity and murder playes a huge role in this novel, as well as violence. There is a lot of twists and turns that made it an entriguing and easy read. I felt disturbed at some points, and thought I won’t read further but then another twist grabbed me again and I had to read until it unfolds. Arthur has hooked me till the end. This is a well told story and think everyone that loves a political thriller must read this one.

You can find Arthur’s books on Amazon and if you live near Hong Kong, any bookshop in Hong Kong.
Well done Arthur, for someone that really dislike this type of stories, you have out done your self and I wish you all the luck in the world.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods.


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