Meet Dakota Douglas, author of ANTics.


I had a short chat with Dakota, author of Antics, a brilliant MG story for children 8 and up.

Where do you live? (Gateshead) North East England

Are you married, children, animals?
Married, no children and no pets. Still mourning my beloved whippet, Pernod. Though we do have two wallabys, four llamas, 10 ostriches, various ducks, geese, hens, in the field opposite our home that we look upon as an extension to our family.

What do you love to do besides writing?
I play golf (badly)

Any other projects in the future, eg more novels?
I am currently editing a sequel to ANTics, I have an idea I’m excited about for another children’s novel and a historical romance. My children’s book WOOF is about a friendship between a strange dog, called Rufus, and a shy boy, called Jeremy. I’ve had some great reviews and people have told me they would like more Rufus and Jeremy tales, so I will probably do that (if I can stay off the golf course long enough).

Favorite Authors?
Laurie McMurtry, Elmore Leonard, Roald Dahl

Favorite Books?
Lonesome Dove, Doctor Zhivago, Sophie’s Choice

How did you come up with ANTics?
It is inspired by a dream after watching a group of ants carry a potato crisp back to their nest. They were fascinating to watch as they scurried around, pushing and pulling the crisp – even heaving it up a six inch kerb. Some ants ran around directing operations and other dashed off for reinforcements. That night, I dreamed about ants who were like children on a great adventure. As I lay in bed thinking about the dream, the idea popped into my head to call them names that describe their personality and end in ant.

Where did writing start become a passion? What made you realised that writing is what you want to do?
I’ve always been a big daydreamer and storyteller with a vivid imagination. An aunt was once late for work because I started telling her a story as we sat on a bus. She was so interested, she forgot to get off at her stop. At age eight, I was bought a toy typewriter for Christmas. That set me off. There was no stopping me then. I loved to read and found I loved to write as well. That love of writing led me into a career as a journalist. Since retiring, I am turning my hand to fiction.

Where can people find your books?
On Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Createspace.

Where can people get in touch with you.

Twitter? @_DakotaDouglas

Thank you so much Dakota, and we all wish you the best of luck with your writings.

Kind Wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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