Review for Guardian, a novel by Gillian Joy


Review for Guardian.
Word Cloud: Crudelita, Custas, Venatorustos, Guardian, Nephilim, Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Reborn, Love.

Gillian Joy’s novel Guardian has a beautiful en intriguing story about accepting one self and power.
It follows Hannah, a girl destined to be the next guardian over super natural beings, also known as the Crudelita’s. The Guardian is referred to as the Venatorustos and is the most powerful of all the supernatural. She needs to make sure to keep the balance and that they stay in line when it comes to humans. Whenever a Crudelita steps out of bound, she needs to set them straight.
After the unexpected “witch hunting’ death of her mother, Hannah had to take her place as the Guardian. For the first three hundred years she tried to avenge her mother’s death, as it was planned by a Vampire, that forced a human to execute her mother by burning as they did with the witches in the old times. Her journey ends in disappointment, danger, love and secrets. All things that drains the mind of someone as powerful as she is.

Deciding to take a break, Hannah asks the angels to be reborn. She will still be the Guardian when she grows up, but she needs a break, and being reborn will give her a fifteen year odd break from it all. She came back to more danger, Crudilitas and Custas had taken over and things are getting out of control. Hannah is forced to step in, sort it out, but this time, she must do it with her two children and keeping them safe from all this mess is her number one priority.

I really liked the premise of the story and I really liked where Gillian took it. Her action scenes were well planned and it’s a supernatural story told different. The only thing I didn’t like about the story is Gillian lack a bit in the dialogue mechanics. At time, I struggled with who said what, and she could have done with a proof reader or two. Just to catch the one or two odd sentences and put in the one or two commas that was missing.

Overall, it was a great read and if you like Dylan Dog: Dead of the night, you will Love Guardian.

Thanks Gillian for this wonderful read.

Kind Wishes,
Adrienne Woods


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