Review: The Storm and The Darkness by Sarah Cradit


Ana Deschanel fled New Orleans for Maine after a terrible mistake leaves the lives of everyone she loves in the balance. Almost immediately, she realizes that not all is at is seems on the remote Summer Island. After a terrible storm leaves her both injured and stranded with her neighbors, the St. Andrews brothers, terrible situations begin to unfold around them.

Cloud Words: gifts, Maine, alone, snow storm, rescue sex, conflict.

For this entry I’ve decided to read Sarah Cradit’s novel The Storm and The Darkness.
Wow, what a wonderful read. The story follows a couple of characters and what I liked was how Sarah did it. She divided very short chapters in between these characters and therefore didn’t jump in between character and left the reader confused.
Ana, Jon, Finn, Nicolas, Oz, Augustus, and Alex are the characters we follow.
Ana and Jon is two peas in a pod. They are both thinkers and not say much, closed off to others and hard to show their emotions to the people they care for. I’ve always wondered what was up with people like this, because I’m totally the opposite. Sarah has portray them so well and I really found myself in their heads, which cleared up a lot of things for me. Finn is Jon’s brother who loves the ocean and also fall in love with Ana. His the opposite of his brother and Ana sees him as her light, where Jon is her darkness. Nicolas is Ana’s cousin and also the only one that gets her. I have to warn you, he likes to curse, but an amazing character and I thoroughly enjoyed him. Oz, Collin, is her boyfriend from her childhood, that dumped her for being closed off and married her cousin, and Nicolas’ sister Adrienne. Oz also carries a deep secret with him that will get revealed in the story. Augustus is her father a very wealthy business man, and last Alex. I’m not going to say anything about Alex because I will give everything away.
The story is full of conflict, secrets, murder, problems with accepting one self and gifts. Yes, gifts.
Sarah is a gifted writer, who’s characters are different from one another as day and night, well crafted and as real as you and me. She write in accents with dialogue and I love that.

Now what I didn’t like about it. Some of her chapters, although small, don’t have any dialogue and consist of memories from the past and back story, which does slow the pace down a little bit for me.

Still, loved this book and I would recommend it to everyone that wants to read a good story full of human problems with a twist.

Sarah I thoroughly enjoyed it, and good luck with your writings.

Kind wishes,


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