Meet the author of Resurgence: a short story collection: Sacha Valero


So I’ve asked Sacha a couple of questions and this is what he had to say.

AW: Where do you live? Are you married, have children, or animals?
SV: I’m a single male and live in Costa Mesa, CA. I have no children or pets although I have nieces and nephews. I love dogs but sadly cannot own one where I live.

AW: What do you do when you are not writing?
SV: When not writing I hit the beach, read, cook, and exercise. I also determined that for the rest of the year I’m only going to be reading books that have not been reviewed and leaving one in the hope to help out other indie authors.

AW: Where did writing start for you?
SV: I started writing shorts for a girl I used to date and every day I’d give her another part of the story.

AW: How did you com up with the Resurgence collection, especially the different species we meet in this collection?
SV:As for the Resurgence series it started as smuggler/legitimate cargo hauler working with the seedy underside of society trying to undermine a very oppressive government. I realized though that it needed some back story and ended up explaining how humans first got to the Varna galaxy and how did it became so oppressive. The word Varna according to Hinduism is a caste system which is essentially how the galaxy is run.
I’m a big fan of astronomy and while I don’t personally believe our planet has been visited by aliens I absolutely believe intelligent life exists. I’ve named the different species based on whatever humans have named the planets that they’ve been found on i.e. the little orange Halon are from the moon Halon.

AW: What are your favorite book, authors?
SV: Favorite authors are Robert Heinlein, Carl Sagan, Asimov, and the other biggies of science fiction along with the brilliant historical fiction author Wilbur Smith. My favorite books are The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (Heinlein), Birds of Prey (Wilbur Smith), and The Bicentennial Man (Asimov).

AW: Where can people get in touch with you
SV: I can be reached through my website
Twitter: @SachaValero1
FB: Sacha Valero
Blog: —-This blog isn’t about writing it’s just my personal ramblings on current events and other whatnot.

AW: Other projects you are working on?
SV: I have two ideas for novels that I’m tossing around but I won’t begin those until I’ve finished with Resurgence which will be a while. One thing I really don’t like about a series is when a writer goes off and does something else be it a novel or short story. I really believe that you owe it to your readers to finish telling the story they’ve dove into before venturing off into other areas.

Again, thanks so much for the review and the constructive criticism.


There you have it, another author. So please check out his sites, since there are more stories in the free arcs for fiewing, and grab your copies of the RESURGENCE Collection.

Till later, and kind wishes.
Adrienne Woods.


Review for a short story collection Resurgence by Sacha Valero






Word Cloud: Varna Sapce Station, Galaxy, Xylone Techology, Uumshar, Chatoans, Halan, Arsus, Celestra, Tryloanians, Ah-Hiana, Bend time.

For my second review I’ve chosen a short story collection called Resurgence by Sacha Valero.
CONTACT is the first part, and stand at 51 pages. An easy read for Sci-fi lovers. Now I have to admit, I’m not a fan of Sci-fi but to my surprise I was pulled in to this one.
It follows a couple of crew member on an expedition to find other worlds. We meet Lawkins, Kaitlyn, Dr. Davis, just to name a few. Their ship foun and alien city, and when they explored the city, the crew came under attack. Sacha’s action scenes were done beautifully and you are hooked. A couple of important characters were killed during the first part, but that is what I like from a story, even if Sci-fi or fantasy, you need that bit of realism.
The first part end with Lawkins and a couple of rescue crew members being transported to safety, where they meet little orange creatures with huge green eyes.

The second part is LONG LOST COUSINS. It carries on where Sacha stopped at the end of part one, and is a mere 41 pages long. These short stories are easy to revour in a couple of hours.
We learn that the human race are no longer alone. We meet the Chitoan’s, a warrior race who’s first instinct is to attack.
The Varna Space station sits near the galactic centre and the story follows as such.
The Chitoan’s are threatened with the humans, and numerous attacks broke out between them, which the humans get the upper hand, but each time the Chitoans learn from their mistakes.
We get introduced to more characters, Lt. Thinley, Captain Willing (which was introduced in the first part too), just to name a couple. The missing explorer Hecules, a ship lost for six hundred years were finally found by the Varna Space Station. It’s crew still alive which leaves their captain, Jax more than six hundred years old.
We meet the Uumshar, a very peaceful race and get to see what happened to Davis that was taken in the Alien city in part one.
Sacha ends part two with another ship getting attack.

I just want to give it to Sacha, that his action scenes are really done great.
I only read the first two parts as that is what time allows me, and the Resurgence collection left me with a small feeling of Star Trek. It has that same structure and think fans of Star Trek might love this collection of stories.

Now what I didn’t like about the stories. Sacha lacks ability in the writing mechanics, especially his dialogue, which is written in one. There is no indication of breaks between characters speaking and it leaves the reader at times a bit confused. It would be an even easier read if that small part is fixed. He needs a good proof reader too for that little mistakes the author’s eye can’t easily pick up.
Now writing mechanics aren’t the end of the world and it’s something that can easily be fixed.

Even witht the things I didn’t like, Sacha is a really talented story teller and his imagination, once again, over exceeded my expectation. I’m definetely going to keep my eye on this author. He is a diamond in the ruff.
Sacha’s stories can be found on Smashwords and he has four free story arcs on his website
Lovely story Sacha, and please keep an eye out for the next entry which is all about Sacha Valero.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods