Review for Bentwhistle the Dragon in A Threat from the Past

676bdd98d460da39c9398f910c77e598d0b79d32-thumbWord Cloud: Dragons; nursery rings; laminium ball; mantra’s; grotto’s; enchanted necklace; dragon holiday camp; king’s guards.

As for my first entry I’ve chosen Paul Cude’s novel, and it’s all about dragons.

The story begins with a history lesson. It threw me off a bit when I realized at the end of chapter one that is was only a lesson, but Paul revealed it at the end of his novel why he started with George and the dragon.

Peter is the Main character and we follow him through and amazing underground world where dragons live. We get to meet his two best friends; Richie, a beautiful dragon with an attractive human body who likes to use her dragon strength. She’s a bit of a rule breaker and does it in such a way that she doesn’t get caught. Peter is secretly in love with her. Tank is his other friend, and like his name; he’s a block of a human who plays rugby and love everything connected to animals and plants. He works with mantra’s which is like spells, but just more complicated.
We experience a game of laminium ball, which is a dragon sport and visit the grotto’s when a close friend and colleague of Peter pass on.
Paul’s imagination creating this world went beyond my expectations.
The inner conflict Peter struggle’s with makes the reader connects with him on a very deep level.
The action and main plot comes in the form of Manson, a real evil and creepy guy that makes Peter’s live and work environment a living hell.
The end has an amazing twist and one I didn’t figure out till the end, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Now for what I didn’t like about the novel, and I do this with all my reviews.
The chapters are extremely long and due to Paul trying to show us everything from the world he created, some scenes felt stretched out and like an info dump. He tells a lot which slow the pace down during the first half of the book. Even due to what I didn’t like, I still recommend the Bentwhistle series to everyone that loves dragons, fantasy and those that like to explore something new. His imagination and story telling is enough to sell and buy the book.

Great read Paul and I wish you all the success with the Bentwhistle series.

You can find The Bentwhistle Dragon in the Threat from the past on Smash words.

Keep a lookout for the review on Paul Cude himself.

Kind wishes
Adrienne Woods


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